About me

20180922-9z1a5691 Hello! My name is Leonid. I am a ‘Sporty Photographer’ from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

I love this kind of wordplay. A photographer, who takes pictures of sport events and practice extreme sports by himself.
My life is full of sport – I’m athlete by myself, organizer of competitions, referee, spectator, fan and of course Sporty Photographer.Taking pictures of sport events is even a king of competition, but for photographer. You should make thoughts about the taktics befor the beginning, consider and foresee the athlete’s moves, take the right position at the right time to make the best shot.

Furthermore its all about running around the stadium with backpack full of heavy equipment or climbing the trees to get the perfect angle. Isn’t it an art of sport? Go to portfolio to check my pictures!
You can find some photos from past events in galleries.